Thank you for your interest in one or more projects managed by the Eclipse Foundation, Inc. (“Eclipse Foundation”). In order for you to contribute to the intellectual property of Eclipse Foundation projects (as defined below) now or in the future, you must accept this Eclipse Contributor Agreement (“ECA”). If you have any questions about this agreement, licensing or intellectual property at the Eclipse Foundation, please email Berlin, 15.12.2020 – M1 Kliniken AG and HAEMATO AG today signed a contract for the acquisition of all shares of M1 Aesthetics GmbH by HAEMATO AG. M1 Kliniken AG will contribute to HAEMATO AG as part of a capital increase in kind. To this end, the Board of HAEMATO SA decided today, with the agreement of the supervisory board, the company`s share capital by issue of EUR 2,467.91 per issue of 2,467,201 new shares of HAEMATO AG by a capital increase against the contribution at issue, excluding the preferential right of shareholders using the existing authorized capital of EUR 2,467,201 to EUR 4,753,916. The new shares are subscribed and taken over exclusively by M1 Kliniken AG. The transaction will be completed effective 1.01.2021. Following the closing of the transaction, M1 Kliniken AG holds a total of 75.8% of the capital of HAEMATO AG.

This agreement applies to all contributions you submit. To complete and file an ECA, log in to the Eclipse Project Forge (you need to create an account with the Eclipse Foundation if you haven`t done so yet); Click “Eclipse Contributor Agreement”; and fill out the form. Be sure to use the same email address if you sign up for the account you want to use when you sign up to join Git. “specification content,” the collection of interface definitions for application or user interfaces (“interfaces”) provided by the work to which your contribution was made, descriptions of the structure and semantic behavior of these interfaces, and data formats and protocols related to these interfaces, all of which are reasonably necessary to enable the development of implementations independent of these interfaces. For clarity reasons, Specification Content does not contain implementation details on how the Eclipse project code or your contribution implements interfaces in the specification and that the above specification allocation would not cover those additional materials. The Eclipse Foundation requires that every contribution you submit now or in the future meets the following obligations, documented in the Certificate of Origin (DCO). To confirm that you have read each time and agree, please click on the field next to each one. You will notify the Eclipse Foundation immediately if you are aware of any facts or circumstances that would make these obligations inaccurate in any way. To do so, please send an e-mail to As used in this Court: (i) “you” (or “you”) refers to the entity that issues this contract with the Eclipse Foundation; (ii) “contribution”: any original work of authorship, including any modification or addition to an existing work that you submit to the Eclipse Foundation for the recording or documentation of one of the Eclipse Foundation`s projects; and (iii) “Submission” (or “Submissive”) any form of communication sent to the Eclipse Foundation (z.B.