1.2 This agreement confirms which unions are recognized as employers by the University of Bath (in this document called “university” or “we” and which institutions are given to their representatives. It defines the agreed committees for the formal partnership between the recognized unions and the university. (b) the appropriate trade union delegate informs the Director of Human Resources and the Deputy Director of Human Resources in writing and confirms the election of representatives as soon as possible after their election; 4.12 The breaks agreed for unions approved on the date of this agreement are: 4.3 If an accredited representative has been granted a period of leave for recognised union duties, there is remuneration. He receives the conventional salary they would have received if they had been at work. 6.7 It was agreed that until these procedures were exhausted, there could be no work stoppage or other forms of union action and, in the case of an amendment, this amendment generally does not take place, i.e. the continuation (or return) of the existing practice or agreement before the amendments that led to the dispute. Except in very specific cases where the Vice-Chancellor believes that the continuation of the status quo would have serious, immediate and adverse consequences for health and safety, or for the educational or financial activities of the university, if he followed the necessary measures. 1.3 The purpose of this agreement is to meet the requirements of the relevant sections of the Worker Information and Consultation Regulation (2004), the Employment Rights Act (1996), the Trade Union-Labour Relations (1992) (“TULR (C)A 1992” and possible subsequent legislation or other labour relations. This is an agreement that exists under the Worker Information and Consultation Regulation (2004) and replaces all previous agreements. The purpose of this letter is to confirm with the union the agreements reached with respect to the bargaining unit. 3.1 The university and its recognized unions have a common interest in ensuring the objectives, plans, objectives and objectives of the university and hence the continued development and success of the university, its staff and students.

4.4.1 Unions are responsible for royalties and charges for items mentioned in points 4.4 (a), b) and c) above. Data on the date, time and duration are provided to the relevant supervisor, who can consult with the appropriate delegate in the human resources department and/or the delegated representative. c) Where there are possible reasonable obstacles that may affect an elected representative in carrying out his or her union policy responsibilities, the onus is on the university to resolve these barriers in conjunction with the representative`s union representative and the representative`s general manager.