There is no specific ALS for the “phone system” and related PSTN services such as Auto-waiting cloud and call queues. Microsoft Team also offers a special ALS for call and audio conferencing plans. These are Microsoft`s PSTN carrier services. Planned maintenance events: Planned maintenance are regular service updates initiated by Microsoft for infrastructure and software applications. Planned maintenance notifications inform customers of service jobs that may affect the functionality of a Microsoft service. Customers will be notified no later than five days in advance of all planned maintenance work through the Microsoft 365 Administration Center. Microsoft typically schedules maintenance work for periods when service usage is historically the lowest due to regional time zones. This ALS applies to all authorized calls placed by a voice service user in the subscription (activated for any type of VOIP or PSTN). In the event of undated service events with customer influence, for which a large number of organizations have had significant and significant effects, a preliminary incident check (PIR) will be conducted within 48 hours of the resolution of incidents via your service health dashboard, followed by a final IRM within five business days. The detailed pir report contains that while Microsoft offers a top-noted guarantee for their service, they have even exceeded their promise in the past year.

In fiscal 2013 (June 2012-July 2013), Microsoft`s actual global operating period was 99.98%, 99.98%, 99.97%, 99.94% and 99.97% quarterly for service. Data storage and redundancy: Customer data is stored in a redundant environment with robust data protection features to enable availability, business continuity and rapid recovery. Several levels of data redundancy are implemented, from redundant media to protection against local hard drive errors, to continuous and complete data replication, to a geographically diverse data center. Microsoft`s commitment to continuous improvement includes analyzing undated service incidents and customer impact to minimize future repeats. Microsoft Teams SLA is documented in microsoft Online Services Level Agreement. The agreement is available to the public through Microsoft here. You should refer to this document as an author and not as my blog. I`m not a lawyer and the agreement is between Microsoft and the client, but here`s a breakdown of the main points.

Microsoft offers a 99.9% uptime service guarantee for Office 365. Uptime is the time a cloud service is available to the user, resulting in about 8 hours of downtime per year. Before entering service requests, clients can access basic knowledge items and FAQs that provide immediate assistance for the most common problems. These resources are constantly updated with the latest information, which helps avoid delays by finding solutions to known problems. However, if there is a problem that requires the help of a support expert; Staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone and through the administrative portal by telephone and through the administrative portal.