2.5 Specific restrictions. The product will be granted to you on the basis of the corresponding licensed configuration, as indicated in the definition of the configuration granted to Section 1. The license only authorizes the use of the product in accordance with the product specifications that you explained in your order or the requirement of the license key and on which the royalty is based. This is a violation of this licensing agreement, the creation, implementation or design of a hardware, software or system that alters the number of readable IP addresses, users, number of nuclei or exceeds the maximum throughput capacity provided to the product with the intent or circumvention effect of the conceded configuration. Their only and exclusive remedy and Check Point`s exclusive and exclusive liability for defective hardware components are that Check Point, subject to the terms of this section 1 and only after confirmation of a defect or failure of a component that is considered justified, either repair or replace the non-compliant hardware component or return the price paid for the material product. All spare parts reserved for you under this warranty must be obsolete and new and be guaranteed as new for the remainder of the initial warranty period. If a hardware error occurs within the first 30 days of activating the software, Check Point replaces it with a new part or unit as needed. All defective parts that have been replaced are transferred to the Check Point property. All defective parts that have been repaired remain your property. This guarantee gives you certain legal rights. You may have other rights that vary from state to state.

2.3 Managed service provider restrictions. If you are a managed service provider, the products are licensed for your use in order to manage the functionality of the product only for the operation of your service customers. You are responsible for complying with the terms and conditions set out in this agreement by your service customers. No product or part of it may be used by or in use by or by name, by which access, resale, rental to multiple customers or distribution to other parties, except for the management of your service customer who made a valid purchase of the product. 7.1 Restricted software guarantee.