Once you have chosen a REALTOR ® to market and sell your property, you and the agent enter into a written and legally binding contract called list agreement. THE CALIFORNIA OF REALTORS ASSOCIATION® proposes a formal agreement for California REALTORS®, the Residents List Agreement (RLA). This standard form contains all contractual terms, including list price, offer period, broker commission and more. It also informs the seller of the legal issues and requirements that may be involved in the process. The RLA-CAA form is used either in addition to a proposed rating agreement or as an amendment to an existing list agreement. The RLA-CAA form covers the effects of COVID 19 guidelines and five aspects of the list, marketing and sale of real estate: (1) real estate listings and access; (2) marketing activities; (3) access after acceptance of the property; (4) temporary withdrawal of property from the market; and (5) the scope of the brokerage obligation. My comments and suggestions are posted in italics below. Yes, listings, shows, offers, real estate transactions and property closures continue during the coronavirus pandemic, although all look different. How should the housing rating agreement be changed during the COVID 19 pandemic? What does marketing and shows and transactions look like during this period? How does the registration process differ from the pandemic? This article is Part 7 of an ongoing series on C.A.R. forms in light of the coronavirus pandemic and will focus on the Addendum or Amendment (C.A.R. Form RLA-CAA, 6/2/20).

The previous version of this form should no longer be used for offers as of June 2, 2020. Before entering into a list agreement, you must understand all the respective conditions and roles of each party — information that your REALTOR can provide®. How should the housing rating agreement be changed during the COVID 19 pandemic? What does marketing and shows and transactions look like during this period? Read this article on the Listing Agreement Coronavirus Addendum or Amendment (C.A.R. Form RLA-CAA). #realestate #zuetellawgroup #dotellzuetel The Residential Listing Agreement (RLAA) is another standard C.A.R. form that generally contains the same provisions as the RLA. The main difference between the two standard forms is that the RLA indicates that REALTOR® of the Seller receives a commission on the sale of the home, regardless of the buyer`s situation, whether through REALTOR® the Seller, another REALTOR®, the seller`s personal initiative or other means. On the other hand, the RLAA requires that the realtor® of the seller be paid only if the buyer is purchased by the realtor® or by any other door® of the seller. Cell/text:650-630-8558 Fax 408-228-0723 E-mail: adeline@adelineteam.com Zuetel Law Group is a California-based real estate law firm. Bryan Zuetel is a real estate lawyer, broker, investor, expert and arbitrator. If you would like to discuss your case, call us or email us. Download the realtor®-centered emoji keyboard and install it and add a little atmosphere to your texts and photos.

Adeline Pang Johnson Branch Manager/Sr Loan Originator NMLS- 238682 The Adeline Team/GMCC 1601 S. De Anza Blvd. Suite 260 Cupertino, CA 95014 Here is an overview of the RLA-CAA form. Please contact the lawyer about a specific application of this form. Learn the basics and use of these essential C.A.R. forms. Great class for new agents or agents who want an overview or update on C.A.R. forms and disclosures. Create your own video of C.A.R.`s advertising campaign to share with potential new customers.